office design


How to create the perfect home office

As many more of us are working from home due to current circumstances, our homes are required to be multi-functional.
You may have started working from home in a rush and not had the time to figure out the best space for you. By using these simple and effective tips, it can be an easy and fun process to merge your home space into an office.

  1. Create a space that is just for you and your work

Find a room or corner of your home that’s most suitable and begin by getting rid of anything that is distracting or reminds you of other things you could be doing; even things like clothes drying racks, boxes that should be in the loft etc.
You’ll get a lot more done in your working day without these distractions, which will then allow you to have breaks and your evenings will be free to enjoy.

  1. De-clutter

Having some things around you when you’re working isn’t all bad, but those items need to be conducive to your work in some way.
As a follow on from point 1. make sure you start with a clean slate, so take everything out of the room and slowly add in items you need.
You’ll want to add in things, not layer on top of things. By doing it systematically, you’ll be left with a pile of things you definitely don’t need in that space.
This process may make it easier to get rid of items that no longer serve you well in your home.

  1. Keep it clean and organised

At the end of each day, clear your work surfaces and file things away where possible. Keep a little duster nearby to give your desk a quick wipe down too.

  1. Inspire

Whether you work in the creative industry or not, it’s a good idea to create a sort of mood board or planner that is changeable, that you keep on a wall near your desk.
This can be a constant source of inspiration and enable you to keep on track with your plans.
It’s also a brilliant solution for brainstorming and sketching out big ideas, if you’re short on desk space.

  1. Use colour

Colour can really help to focus your mind, deep blues particularly and blue-greens.
Blue promotes communication, trust, and efficiency. It also helps people with creativity by opening the mind to new ideas.
You could use art or cushions as accents of colour in different areas of your office.
Steer clear of red as it stimulates the pulse and can raise blood pressure (good in some cases, but perhaps not all day) and yellows can be over stimulating and cause anxiety.

  1. Use scent

Oil diffusers are affordable and you can order them online. Usually these come with a set of oils such as rosemary, lemon, lavender and eucalyptus.
These can help with focus, concentration and relaxation. 

  1. Pay attention to your posture

I suppose you’ve heard by now that sitting is the new smoking.
We were not made to sit down all day long, but if you are having to do so for fairly long periods of time, ensure that your chair is at the correct height for you.
Your legs/knees should be at a right-angle when your feet are firmly on the floor, and the top of your screen needs to be at eye level.
Any issues with screen height, just find a stack of books to place your monitor on.

Now that you’re working from home you might feel free to take a little stroll about your home every 30 mins.
If you’re sitting down for longer than an hour but you’re in the zone, take a moment to stretch your arms up high and your legs out in front of you.
There are some apps which set timers as a reminder to move, or you could just set yourself a timer every 30 mins.

  1. Light your space

One of the main delights of working from home is that you can be flexible about where you want to work.
Choose an area that is well lit, preferably near a window, but without the direct sun glare on your screen.
Pay attention to the way daylight moves around the room. As the evening comes, use a desk lamp for focused work. 

  1. Shut down

Once you have completed your work tasks for the day, make sure you save your work (of course) and shut down your computer.
This way your work life wont blend into your personal time at home and you’ll choose to complete tasks rather than leaving them open for your arrival the next day.

  1. Use plants for oxygen (and company)

Invest in some glorious green friends, they will not only keep you company, but also help with your oxygen levels while giving you something to look after (and possibly talk to).
A few large house plants will help to bring nature in and/or one smaller plant on your desk.

  1. Fuel your body and mind

Keep a stash of healthy snacks nearby such as nuts, seeds and dark chocolate and a supply of fresh water.
Take regular breaks and get outside if possible or open your windows to get some fresh air and vitamin D.

So to recap, the items that will enhance your office space are:

  • Mood board/wall planner
  • Colour – through art and accessories
  • Scent – using an oil diffuser or candle
  • Desk lamp
  • Plants

I hope that’s been helpful for you in some way. You might find some time to set your office up over the weekend, so that you’re feeling fresh and ready for the next couple of weeks.
I wish you all the productivity, success and happiness in your home working space.