Property Styling Statistics

“Staging is preparing the home for sale so the buyer can mentally move in”

Barb Schwarz  – president of the international association of home staging professionals

The more I speak to people about property styling (more commonly known as home staging), the more I realise just how many of us don’t know what it is or don’t know of its importance. I’m here to tell you that property styling is an incredible way to sell your home quickly, beautifully and at your sale price! (or above in some cases)

Need more convincing that property styling is right for you? Take a look at some statistics:

  • 100% of property developers agreed home staging was a helpful marketing tool when listing a property.

  • 77% of developers saw a return in their investment, reporting that the sale of the property paid for the cost of staging.

  • When comparing similar properties, 50% of developers stated home staging increased the offer value by 1-10%, with 33% stating an increase above 10%. (A total of 83% stated increase in value).

  • 100% of estate agents agreed home staging made it easier for a potential buyer to visualise a property as their future home.

  • 85% of estate agents reported that a staged home sells up to three times faster than a non-staged property.

  • When comparing similar properties, 78% of agents stated home staging increased the offer value by 1-10%, with 16 per cent reporting a 7-10% rise in offer value.

  • 94% of estate agents agreed home staging increased the number of viewings for a property.

  • 75% of estate agents reported home buyers will spend more time viewing a staged home, as opposed to an un-staged property.

  • When asked which type of property they most needed home staging services for, 60% of estate agents required staging services for vacant properties, with a further 22% requiring staging for show homes and flats.

  • 84% of estate agents believed that up to half of unsold properties removed from the market by the homeowner would have benefited from Home Staging services.

    Home staging report UK and Ireland 2019

    “You will make your money back – the average styling investment is between 1-3% of the homes asking price, which generates a property styling ROI of 8-10%”

Property styling isn’t common in the UK, therefore you’ll be putting your property even further ahead of the competition on the housing market, by making that extra effort with the appearance.

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