Decluttering what you have in your home helps to sell your property. Clutter can distract potential buyers from seeing their ideal vision of what it would be like to live in a home, so creating a clear space enables that vision to come into reality.

You may even have a few personal touches in your home that need to be stored away throughout the time period of selling your home. By doing this you’re not putting any boundaries in the way of your buyer.

Here are 6 steps to clearing the clutter:

  1. Remove everything

    With each room in your home, take out everything from the cabinets, drawers and any other storage. This may sound a bit extreme but it’s the best way to see the full picture of what you have.

  2. Select your favourite items

    Things that you know you’d like to keep – this might be a beautiful vase, all your favourite clothing and the essential items a kitchen needs. By selecting the items that are truly useful and important to you, the rest is much easier to donate, sell or recycle.

  3. Deep clean

    Once you have organised what you’d like to keep, give your storage a proper deep clean and put the items back carefully and in an organised way. Buyers will want to look inside cupboards so this is your opportunity to show that you have ample storage in your home.

  4. Store

    If you’re moving to a larger property and would like to keep some larger items for the new home, put as much as you can into storage. Your next home may have the capacity for more, but your current home may not.

  5. Donate

    Anything that is left over can be donated or recycled at most charity shops or local dumps.

  6. Style

    Once your home is clear it’s time to style it with your favourite pieces. You can add in some floral displays and fresh plants to bring life to the space. More on how to style your home to sell here.

Taking the time to declutter your property before putting it on the market is so important. It means that you’re able to show off more space and you’re far more likely to get your asking price.
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