Staging a house for sale is a game changer when it comes to getting your property ahead of the rest. In this blog post I’m going to give you 10 simple tips on how to stage a house for sale.

  1. Declutter

    You have a space that you’re looking to show off and sell every part of, so if your buyers can’t see the corners of the room for clutter, they could have a hard time imagining how their things would position in your home. By decluttering you also down-size for your next move and more importantly you take only the things with you that you love. More on decluttering here.

  2. De-personalise

    Remove family photos as these can be off putting to buyers. As painful as this might feel, it will help you to move forward and detach from your home. You can still love living there and your home will still give off that vibe to people viewing your home.

  3. Paint

    A fresh lick of white paint in your property will elevate the entire space – white being the important word here. It’s worth the investment as it will increase the value of your home while showing it as a blank canvas with lots of light.

  4. Bed linen and towels

    Choose white bed linen and towels to keep each room light and airy. Ensure you not only make the beds up to a hotel standard for your photographs, but also each time a viewer visits your property. You can add colour through some cushions and small floral arrangements on the bedside tables. Fold the towels nicely onto your bathroom rail and ensure they’re fresh each time you have a viewing.

  5. Plants

    By having a selection of different plants you will add life to your home. Choose a mixture of tall, short and very small succulents to create different levels of interest. By doing this you will “frame” the rooms. They’re one of the best finishing touches I can recommend.

    As Mies van der Rohe once said – “less is more”

  6. Art

    Everyone has a different taste in art; some people like nudes whereas some people may find them uncomfortable to view, therefore the best selection of art is abstract, neutral and with soft tones of colour. Select either landscapes or still life artworks that accentuate the colours in the room and compliment the furnishings.

  7. Floral displays

    If possible arrange a fresh bouquet of flowers in the living room, with a couple of smaller vases in the bedrooms. Plants will bring life to the rooms but flowers can add a splash of colour. Faux floral arrangements can look just as good, especially with some of the incredibly realistic flowers online. Use a mixture of flowers and greenery to make the bouquets.

  8. Accessorise

    Cushions, throws and ornaments are like the accessorise to an outfit. As Mies van der Rohe once said – “less is more” so if you’re not too sure how much to add then keep cushions to a maximum of 6 per sofa (based on a 3 seater) and 4 per bed. Throws look great at the end of beds and sofas as they add an element of texture. Be selective with ornaments and arrange them with plants and books on places like a coffee table.

  9. Scents

    As with artwork, people are drawn to different scents. The best way to entice potential buyers is by using neutral scents such as lavender in the bedrooms, citrus in the kitchen, floral in the living room and musky/fresh cotton in the bathroom. You can buy diffusers for this purpose or scented candles.

  10.  Lighting

    Having different levels of lighting creates a welcoming atmosphere. Use a mixture of floor lamps and table lamps where possible and turn off main lights. If you need to use main lights (for example in the kitchen and bathroom) choose warmer bulbs and under-counter lighting in the kitchen. Even during the day, lighting can create warmth and zone certain spaces in the home.

If you’d like some more advice on how to stage your home for sale, get in touch for a complimentary chat.

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