Your living room is one of the most important spaces to show potential buyers. This guide will help you to make some small changes which will entice people and enable them to imagine themselves relaxing there.

  1. Get rid of all old magazines and only keep the most recent 2 or 3. This goes for books on your shelves as well – those you have read either sell on Amazon or donate to charity. If your books are on display attempt different ways of stacking them or colour coordinating them.
  2. Get your art framed professionally and hang them carefully, using a spirit level and measuring tape.
  3. Style your coffee table with scented candles, design/art books and magazines and a couple of small plants. Succulents are my favourite plants for these sorts of arrangements.
  4. Sort out your wiring by getting yourself some wire ties to group them together in local areas. Where possible hide them behind your cabinets.
  5. Adjust the lighting so that you have a few levels, by this I mean floor and table lamps along with your main lighting. They provide just the right amount of light to make things feel welcoming and cosy.
  6. Move your plants around or buy some new ones. Not only do plants look spectacular but they bring the space to life, literally.

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